We offer comprehensive accounting and tax services for individuals, self-employed and corporations.

Financial Statement Presentation
A full set of financial statements includes a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Retained Earnings Statement, and Cash Flow Statement.  Often, small entities dispense with some of these statements when reporting solely for tax purposes.  As a licensed Public Accountant, I can provide you with the following services:

  • Compilation / (Notice to Reader):These engagements involve assisting you in preparing unaudited special purpose statements for income tax or management purposes.  Usually, we do not prepare the full set ofstatements mentioned above.  Our clients do as much summarizing and bookkeeping as possible to keep their costs down.  However, we can do some or all of the bookkeeping using our accounting software.
  • Reviewed Statements: These engagements are almost an audit, but they are not.  We can assist you in preparing a full set of financial statements that must follow generally accepted accounting principles, and each statement would be clearly marked unaudited.  Our review would consist of enquiry, analytical procedures, and discussions that would provide us with assurance regarding the plausibility of the statements.  A client may request these statements because a third party, such as a lending institution, has asked for this level of assurance.
  • Audited Statements: These engagements involve conducting an audit according to Canadian generally accepted auditing standards.  The audit would lead to an opinion that the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles.  Clients may need an audited set of financial statements due to Statutory regulations or a request from a third party such as a lending institution.  Many non-profit organizations require an audit due to Statutory regulations.  We provide audit services for Not-for-profit organizations, condominium corporations and other private corporations.

Accounting and Bookkeeping
Importance of knowing the true financial health of a business can never be less emphasized. Well-structured Financial Statements are critical for financial statement analysis and key decision making. We provide broad range of bookkeeping, accounting and financial statements preparation services:

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping
  • Preparation of financial statements with compilation (notice to reader) reports
  • Financial statements analysis
  • Preparation of budgets and forecast
  • Financial and business ratio analysis
  • Projected financial statements

Tax planning and preparation
We deal with a range of tax issues and can provide you with personalized tax solutions. Do not settle for less. Have your personal and business tax returns prepared by professionals at Pranav Dave Professional Corporation. Our services include:

  • Canadian and US Tax filing
  • Income tax planning and consulting
  • Income tax returns for individuals
  • Income tax returns for self-employed
  • Income tax returns for corporations
  • E-filing of tax returns (individuals and corporations)
  • GST/HST, WSIB and Payroll returns
  • Assistance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits and investigations 

Business Financing
Businesses require financing for existing operations, expansions or for new ventures. We can assist you in obtaining the funds by dealing with the financial institutions on your behalf and providing them with the necessary documentation:

  • Preparation of business plans and financial projections
  • Small business loans
  • Financing for expansions
  • Lines of credit

Business Advisors and New Business setup
As business advisors, we provide following consulting services:

  • Business Registrations
  • Business Incorporations (Provincial and Federal)
  • Evaluating and assisting in starting a new business
  • Analyzing financial performance of businesses
  • Designing your optimum funding & capital structure